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Tan Wei Zhuang, CEO, Ailytics. , AilyticsTan Wei Zhuang, CEO, Ailytics.
Surveillance and compliance are the most challenging aspects of the construction industry, and monitoring building site operations are often expensive, dreary, and prone to human errors. Project supervisors conduct manual site visits and input key findings into their devices to understand the actual conditions at these sites. Even if supervisors go on-site, identify inefficiencies, and communicate the same to employees, workers often resort to old working habits without managers. More often than not, site administrators have multiple responsibilities and might miss the site visits, leaving them open to hazardous circumstances. Additionally, the hybrid form of work caused by the pandemic takes on-site inspection out of the equation. Amidst the plethora of remote monitoring technologies, video analytics stands out as an option that can add value to the industry. At this juncture, Singapore-based company Ailytics offers an Artificial Intelligence-based solution that provides automated round-the-clock monitoring and detection of non-compliant activities at construction sites.

Ailytics has developed a patent-pending algorithmbased solution, Ailyssa™, which can generate 3D scenes from 2D video feeds without stereo vision or lidar sensors. “Most construction sites use existing CCTV infrastructure as mere recording devices. Ailyssa converts such video feeds into a valuable asset,” adds Tan Wei Zhuang, CEO of Ailytics. The solution enables construction businesses to enhance their safety and maximize operational productivity through real-time video analytics that provides actionable insights. Ailyssa is hardware agnostic, and users can connect it to any IP camera or network video recorder to provide 24*7 monitoring. The solution leverages proprietary computer vision algorithms and can detect complex safety risks such as areas under loads and working at heights while providing progress and productivity reports.

By detecting risk in the fall areas of lifted loads, Ailyssa drastically reduces the need to implement additional safety tools and simplifies camera installation processes.

The product offers snapshots, trend charts, and reports that construction businesses can utilize for various purposes such as safety improvement, personnel training, claims checks, subcontractor performance, and safety policy updates. Clients can configure Ailyssa according to their requisites and generate their desired analytical reports. In this way, end users can experience greater visibility of their site’s overall safety and make informed decisions regarding their operations. The underlying reason behind the solution’s groundbreaking functionalities is Ailytics’s team of expert civil engineers, architects, and data scientists, who understand their clients’ pain points and effectively translate them into pertinent features. Complementing the team are the company’s extensive construction data sets that are critical for the development of its AI-based algorithm that improves its client worksite safety. Ailyssa eliminates a significant share of the manual data gathering process and enables supervisors to focus on validation processes instead. Several of the company’s clients are beneficiaries of its advanced video analytical capabilities, and they successfully detect more hazards than other players in the construction industry.
  • The construction industry is ripe for disruption and there is no better time than now with covid-19 acting as a catalyst for companies to enhance their operations by adopting the right technologies

One of Ailytics clients deployed Ailyssa for monitoring its building sites, and it was able to detect up to ninety-five per cent of non-compliant activities and alerted the safety supervisor. After the successful implementation, the workers were more aware and cautious with their actions, and the client significantly reduced nonconforming activities and improved the site’s overall safety. Ailyssa’s recordings formed undeniable records, which were later used in safety meetings to evaluate subcontractors’ performance and train newly onboarded workers. Ailytics delivers such high-quality results across all applications, and owing to its lean operations, the company also improvises according to client’s requirements swiftly. The company was recently selected into NVIDIA’s Inception Program and will receive NVIDIA’s valuable support for advancing its video analytical capabilities. One of the major challenges for video analytics, whether in construction or any other industry, is the amount of computing power it needs to run those analyses. Ailytics is currently evaluating Ailyssa’s downstream integration with wearable devices that can alert drivers or workers regarding hazards and predict risks or delays in the construction activity. Additionally, the company is assessing its upstream integration with other safety and project management systems to compare actual progress against the schedule to predict risks or delays or use it for progress claims. As Tan concludes, “The construction industry is ripe for disruption, and there is no better time than now with covid-19 acting as a catalyst for companies to enhance their operations by adopting the right technologies.”
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Tan Wei Zhuang, CEO, Ailytics.

Ailytics enables the construction industry to enhance safety and maximize productivity through AI technology. Its system, Ailyssa, is agnostic of hardware and can be hooked up to any existing IP cameras and servers to provide round-the-clock accurate detection, alerts, reports, and analytics of complex safety hazards and progress tracking at construction sites. Ailytics offers project managers, and safety officers can leverage Ailyssa to better visibility their site's safety and overall construction progress to make better-informed decisions. The company offers its clients actionable insights that help them make better-informed decisions

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