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Top 10 Construction Tech Startups in APAC - 2021

Construction is once sector that has remained prevalent throughout history, and will continue thriving moving forward. With the advances in science and engineering, construction technology has evolved at an unprecedented rate. In this continuum of constant change, it has paved the way for computer analysis and CAD modeling. To keep pace with the changing landscape, construction companies around the world are incorporating advanced computational modeling techniques and augmenting their design processes.

The new technologies and materials are enabling engineers and construction professionals to build complex structures at a faster rate, and at the same time, improve maintenance and extend building life. Also, the ability to develop and render 3D images has become a boon for companies to create awareness among the various stakeholders involved in construction projects. These upcoming trends signify a new-generation shift in the construction industry, and hence, it is imperative for companies to jump on this revolution bandwagon.

Considering these developments taking place in the construction paradigm, choosing the appropriate technology partner can be a difficult task. In order to assist the construction firms in the task of finding accomplished companies, we have compiled this issue of Construction Tech Review. In this edition, we have listed the top 10 construction tech startups in APAC to highlight the companies that can escalate the chances of your growth. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these companies are set to transform the construction landscape. We hope this issue of Construction Tech Review helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster a workspace driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Construction Tech Review’s, “Top 10 Construction Tech Startups in APAC - 2021.”

    Top Construction Tech Startups in APAC

  • Designed by construction experts David and Antonia who recognized the need for better, more efficient operations to manage large construction projects, Acuite breathes life into operational processes that are manual and isolated. It automatically collects the information companies need to put them on the front foot. The company has designed its software to help construction professionals manage their projects proactively, so that they can spend their energy making game-changing decisions, instead of fighting the operational anomalies manually. Acuite collects and aggregates data from across the whole project. It presents real time information on a central dashboard at head office, helping construction firms catch problems before they happen. It thereby also allows them to protect their margins and stick to timelines

  • Ailytics enables the construction industry to enhance safety and maximize productivity through AI technology. Its system, Ailyssa, is agnostic of hardware and can be hooked up to any existing IP cameras and servers to provide round-the-clock accurate detection, alerts, reports, and analytics of complex safety hazards and progress tracking at construction sites. Ailytics offers project managers, and safety officers can leverage Ailyssa to better visibility their site's safety and overall construction progress to make better-informed decisions. The company offers its clients actionable insights that help them make better-informed decisions

  • BuildAI-a specialist in AI computer vision research and development uses the concept of self-driving cars, and utilizes cameras to monitor cranes and the movement of materials and workers, and then relays that data to an AI system which crunches the numbers in real-time onto a cloud-based dashboard. The company uses this data to identify inefficiencies and generates insights regarding how the construction processes can be streamlined and improved for better outcomes. BuildAI monitors the structure build and keeps an as-built record of construction and high resolution images of pre-pour. This captures any last minute changes or errors and for the first time there is an accurate high resolution proof of what lies beneath the concrete

  • General Systems is a sustainability-focused robotics company dedicated to transforming the global construction sector. The company builds machines that deliver sustainable infrastructure development by addressing the construction sector’s challenges around low workforce productivity, over dependency on manual labour, high material wastage and high worker injuries. General Systems believes that sustainable and affordable infrastructure development is key to building inclusive societies. It is committed to addressing the construction sector’s challenges around high worker injuries, high material wastage and enabling the Industry's business sustainability

  • Glaass works with national and international contractors to provide powerful tools that help teams work smarter with fewer delays and errors. Glaass specializes in a diverse range of construction solutions and services that focus on pushing the boundaries of construction innovation. Glaass connects different construction teams to record, track and trace every aspect of their projects on one single platform. As an adaptable construction management solution, Glaass, designed by construction professionals, for construction professionals, allows users to save time, eliminate errors and experience seamless mobile collaboration with teams—all in one place in an accountable and transparent environment

  • CivilPro


    CivilPros was established to provide civil engineering and construction management services for both municipal and private clients. A premier, multi-disciplinary consulting firms, CivilPros was established with the goal of providing high value, professional services with a personal touch that offers lasting benefit to its clients. In addition, the company's multi-disciplinary team of professionals work from initial needs, determine solution alternatives, locate and acquire funding sources for implementation, design the preferred solution, manage its construction, and ultimately deliver a finished product that exceeds its client's expectations



    CONQA gives contractors the QA tools they need to get the job done, saving time and money. Mobile, intuitive digital software that makes it easy for those on site to deliver fast and accurate detail for every QA check. A simple solution to delivering quality outcomes, CONQA helps client's construction businesses reduce defects, minimise risk, track progress and support payment claims, altogether enhancing their reputation in the market

  • HammerTech


    Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2015. HammerTech is now used by leading construction companies in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada.HammerTech’s cloud-based software platform enables clients to consolidate safety, quality and daily field management processes into one paperless, integrated workflow that makes site operations and collaborations easy, organized and centralized

  • Sitemate


    Sitemate's flexible project management software enables clients to streamline projects, teams and forms their way - making their company smarter and more productive in the office and on site, every day. Built for the industries (construction, infrastructure, power, mining, oil and gas & more) and designed to work for and across all functions (commercial, production, quality, safety, enviro, financial), Sitemate is used by thousands of engineers, foremen, project managers and their companies

  • Speedbrick


    Speedbrick is a leading provider of cloud-based construction management software. The company's technology is designed by contractors, for contractors. Speedbrick connects and empowers different stakeholders in the client's construction business with important information to help them make better decisions, faster and more consistently. Speedbrick products include project management, material procurement and management, financial control, subcontractors claim control and management, and extension of time monitoring

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